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November, Practical exams


Winter concert
of the pupils of the RadiconventoMUSICA school

Saturday 14 March 2020, h 17:30
Convento dell'Osservanza, Radicondoli

Study days for the pupils of RadicondoLi...Orchestra

The RadiconventoMUSICA school together with the pupils of other Music schools

Year 2020
Rehearsals in Radicondoli, monthly



RadiconventoCORO - Polyphonic choir

Concerts 20

19 April, h 17:30 - Staffoli (Pi), San Michele church, choir meeting organised by the "Diluvio Universale" choir

23 May, h 21:00 - Radicondoli, Teatro dei Risorti - Show on Racism, organised by Associazione Rabèl

5 July, h 18:00 - Belforte (Radicondoli), chiesa della Compagnia di Santa Croce - Summer Concert


Molazzana Music School - year 2020

Saturday 22 February, h 20:00 concert of the pupils of the school (primary school) - San Bartolomeo church, Molazzana

Saturday 22 February, h 21:00 concert of the pupils of the school (secondary school) - San Bartolomeo church, Molazzana


Project of Dulcimer Fondation pour la Musique and Comune di Molazzana (Lu)


Radicondoli kindergarten: educational activities 2020

During the school year the Dulcimer Fondation pour la Musique held a music laboratory with the children at the kindergarten in Radicondoli

May -  Music day with the teachers of the Dulcimer Fondation pour la Musique, at convento dell'Osservanza

RadiconventoMUSICA school
Intensive courses for current pupils

15 - 27  June 2020 end of year course
end of year concert, Radicondoli, Convento dell'Osservanza

These courses are for those children who have been attending music lessons during the 2019-2020 school year.


Alto Adige - Südtirol
22 - 29 August

RadicondoLi...Orchestra music holiday

28 August, h 21:00 in der Musikschule - Siusi/Seis, end of holiday concert


Science and Nature


Nature and historic trails


Convento dell' Osservanza 53030 Radicondoli (Si) Italia